E-Fatbike Getaway

Explore the terrain of Kluane National Park on an electric fatbike

Experience the e-fatbike, an electrically-powered fat bike that will let you enjoy the pleasures of mountain biking in a whole new way. Thanks to this innovative bike, you’ll get to see more of our beautiful landscapes in less time. We’re certain you’ll be smiling throughout your entire ride, even on the climbs!

After a returning to the Lodge, enjoy a nice dinner, a massage or a soak in the hot tub.

* Tours in Kluane National Park will be starting in summer 2021. We will run the tours outside of the park until further notice.

* Powered by environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries, these all-terrain e-bikes quietly travel trails allowing you to observe the views and the wildlife as you ride. Pick up your speed and tackle rugged terrain at up to 20 miles per hour without pedaling. The 26-inch fat tires provide excellent stability and a smooth ride through mile-after-mile of scenic wilderness.


Year Round